Monday, 21 February 2011

Light Fittings - Research

Justyna Piotowicz

Arnaud Lapierre


Wooden Air Lamps by Ray Power





Samuel Wilkinson the designer of the vessel lamps says his aim is to “celebrate the bulb from a different perspective”. The unique, ghostly appearance of these bulbs cannot but help catch the eye of the discerning buyer. The eerie, holographic imagery produced by these bulbs make them a departure from the traditional; yet very suited for contemporary Halloween d├ęcor. The glass used in making these lamps is mouth blown and cut at deliberate angles to make the bulb give off its unique ethereal light patterns.

vessel lamps halloween lamp

vessel lamp by samuel wilkinson

glass blown vessel lamps

Alvaro Uribe
 dancing spot light by alvaro uribe

modern light by by alvaro uribe

hanging lights by alvaro uribe

Rachel O’Neill

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  1. Great to see so much research on here..but lets see some of your own photos of the tests you have made...