Monday, 13 December 2010

Light project

Light Project

For my light project, i decided create lights that show different stages of discovery, feeling lost, trapped to emotions of feeling free and found. I first experiemented with plasticine, creating different types of entrapment, with the uses of thorns and barbed wire.

For this piece i put plastercin on a light, and cut out the shapes of thorns, i wanted to have the light mostly covered by plastercin in order to a create a feeling of fear, with the only light form coming from the thorns.

This piece is an experiment with plastercin, curling up strings of plastercin to create interesting shapes that can go on top of lights, to show how the light is almost sufficated by the snakelike strings.

This piece was an experiment with glue from a glue gun, trying to create a mesh of thorns, that can go around a light to create shadows of thorns

In this piece, i tried to create the feeling of intrapment, with the use of blocks of wood traping a lights source in the middle. I wanted to leave some spaces through the box, in order to show how the light is becoming more free, to show a sign of hope.

Thorns frame
For this piece i used thin piece of wood to create a frame of thorns that could go around a light source, showing how the light is trapped - to create a feeling of imprisonment

I then started to look at making lights that were more open, showing discover and the feeling of being free

For this piece i wanted to create a light that still shows the feeling of fear, but also a feeling of positivity, to show the idea of discovery, with the use of more open lights.

This piece is a prototype for an idea of a free light that could be hung up, and used to represent discovery. I wanted the shape to look quite modern and unrecognisable, in order to make the piece look unusual and intriguing.

I used a metal frame mesh to create the structure an covered it with strips of masking tape

I then experimented with different types of materials

In my video projects i have used sparklers in various backgrounds, so i thought i would try and create a sparkler piece out of wood, i decided to create a mimi sculpture that shows the shape a freedom of a sparkler

I the experiemented with acetate to create intricate shapes, that i could then later use in lights 

I want to put lights in the pieces/shapes and have them hung outside at night, to represent stars, i could then later use these to signify discovery.

Using plasticine, i began to explore different shapes i could create, which i could then later use on light pieces, and shine light through them


This was an experiement with a balloon. I originally blew the balloon up, covered it in glue from glue gun, then popped it, which then resulted into this.

I think this material creates an interesting pattern, which i could later use on lights, to create interesting texture which lights can shine through.

This was a basic frame i made that could be created to put lights in. I want to create a piece that looks like sharp jagged crystals/icicles, that glow in the dark, creating a modern shape that intrigues people to go an investigate it.

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