Monday, 13 December 2010


For my light project i began sketching various ideas for lights, i wanted the lights to look modern, and unusal, in order to making the more appealing and interesting.

The aim for these pieces was to use them in my 'Flight of the Mind' project, in a video. The video was going to show peoples discoveries, were somebody is lead to the light, (to symbolise there discovery.) I wanted the pieces to seem quite unique and stylised, so they represent a signal persons identity. with the light source, casting light in dark places, showing signs of hope to the people.

These are further drawings of lights, looking at trying to make lights that can be opened to reveal the full light, so in my video someone looking for discovery can interact with the light, to symbolise how they have found their discovery.

These are ideas of folded acetate that could have lights in the top, creating star like lights, that can be hung in trees trying to create mysterious feel

These are more ideas for light installations, using a modern, futuristic style, in order to making the view want to know what they are in order to wonder what they are

I then started to try and make the light designs that look more personal, by adding feelings towards them

I started drawing lights highlighting a persons feeling of entrapment by using the ideas of thorns. I decided to draw thorns around the light source, to show how the light (person) is traped, and hurt due to things around them.

I then thought about adding the feeling of death into my lights, by using the structure of a skeleton that wraps around the light source, to show they constant feeling of death

The spinal cord in the structure will be the light source, with the bones, circling around it.

I then used the idea of using bones to create more structures that can go around light source. Exploring different ways to present them.

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