Monday, 25 April 2011

Computer Drawn Pictures

I have created the following pictures with corel photoshop.

I used the paint tool to create the sky texture, then lightning and darkening tool to create the texture of the clouds and moon. I then took copies of the picture and altered the colours, then selected various parts from each layer to keep in the final picture. I then used a sunburst light glare to create the burst of light.

Edited Light Pieces

The following pictures are test pieces for my light model project, which have been edited

Latex Experiements

For the creation of my sculpture project, I began exploring the capavility of liquid latex

For this test piece i model to pieces of plastercin, to create an intertwind tube, i then covered it in several layers, then when dried, removed the latex

This piece is another test piece create from a plastercin model.

For this piece I rolled a coil of plastercin, into a cone then covered it in layers of liquid latex

For this piece i pour latex into the inside of a orange juice

I used balls of plastercin to create a tower of balls, then covered it in latex, then removed the plastercin when it was dried

This was a test piece where i poured to colours of liquid latex (red and black) onto a lego board, which created the inprint of the board.

Light Project Stills

At the start of my year, I began filming various light sources, from sparklers to underwater lights.

Below is a selection of edited pictures from the films