Monday, 7 February 2011


The following images are pictures i have taken from varous art galleries

The shape and the curves of this piece, have influenced my own structures, with strong use of curves, and futuristic look.

This piece has inspired me, with my light ideas (reminds me of my sparkler ideas.) I like the idea of objects exploding outwards, with the use of light coming from the middle, creating a feeling that, in seconds there could be an explosing of light.

This chair idea reminds me of my matchstick structures, the use of layers of wood making up a structure has influenced my matchstick structures. 

This piece is very similar to Arne Quinze's pieces, that have inspired the majority of my project.

The use of curved shapes moulding around each other, and use of lights, have inspired my 3D shapes, of movement through thought. The use of lines that show the structure of the piece also appeals to me.

The way the piece has curves around each other, creating the idea that there maybe something below the surface, interest me.

I like the idea of this piece, a shape moulded from straw, something that has had to be adapted to form the shape.

These pieces are very similar to some of my pieces, i like the movement of them, almost as if they are people intertwinging with each other.

Again these pieces are similar to my current structures, the use of sharp angles, molded around each other to create a main shape, have influenced my own designs.

This piece has inspired me through my project, due to the strong sharp lines mixed with soft curves.

The use of colour and lines, provide a modern feel to the piece, that I would like to incorporate into my work.

 The use of lines in this piece interest, as it creates an interesting pattern and feel to the piece 

Hundreds of speakers are connected to a single music source playing atmospheric sounds. A pianolla is connected with an umbilical which straightens and contorts periodically.

The way the piece almost looks like and explotion of sound, by the  use of speakers gathering in the corner then dispercing outwards, reminds me of my light ideas, showing the movement of piece.

The use of mackrels, being use to create a chair, has influence what my structures could be made out of and how to combine objects to create patterns.

The use of glass in this piece is affective, as it shows the shape of what the money looks like in the bowl, and also creats interesting shadows on the table

These mushroom light ideas, have given me ideas for my own light project, i like the use of material a scale of the pieces that, help the piece become affective.

The structures of these pieces, are similar to piece i would like to produce for my 'Flight Through the Mind' project. the use of curves mixed with sharp edges, appeal to me, creating a futuristic style.

These paper structures interest my project as the shapes are smooth and fluid, whilst the sheets of layered paper, creat strong patterns across the piece.

These metal formations appeal to me not only due to their interesting shapes, but due to the transparency of the pieces, showing the structure and curves of the shape.

This piece, has inspired my structure ideas, with the use of soft curves, mixed with crisp line, patterns.

The use of dots give the idea of seperate thoughts/ objects creating a whole piece.

Although this piece was used to show the idea of blood, i like the use of curves and fluidity of, that i can incorporate, into my piece, showing the movement of thoughts.

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