Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Research - Magazine Pictures

Below is a group of photos i found from several magazines, that have influenced me in my light/sculpture and film projects

This piece appeals to me as it is similar to my light structure shape. I like the style of the picture as the piece quite modern and futuristic, set in a forest similar to my idea of people walking into a forrest to find their discovery.

I like the use of shadows being stored, that show the progrees and movement of people

The shape of the light source, interests me as it almost looks like a futuristic machine that could store peoples emotions

This piece use thousands of post from internet chat room, which are read or sung by a voice synthesizer, this piece appeals to me as again it almost stores fragements of peoples identites

The movement of the metal wires, reminds me of movements of peoples emotions creating an explotion of light the brightens up the room.

These use of mirrors in these pieces give the pieces a real feeling of movement and change, which has inspired me to creating pieces with mirrors

This piece reminds me of some of my ideas for light installations, i like the use of materials and photographed style of the piece.

This piece interests me due to the use of circles to create a picture, the use of some of the circles moving gives the piece a feeling of movement and fluidity.

These are a group of pictures from and advert campaign for a Renault, it uses thousands of metal balls, each hanging from strings, that can be operated together to create various patterns or shapes. This piece has inspired me to make hanging installations that work in a similar way to make shaped hanging shapes, maybe with lights inside.

This is a picture of a building i found that has light panels throughout the glass. The light moves down the building in various patterens and colours. 

The use of paint in this picture, gives the bird a feel of movement that brings the picture to life, creating a real vibrance to the piece.

I like how the graphics used on this album artwork for 'Muse's' 'The Resistance' album, can create a feeling of movement, leading the audiences eyes to the middle.

The graphics used in this poster interest me, due to the idea of using images of pens and leads to create a picture of a guitar. I'm interested in using this idea to create my own images of discovery, mixed with the idea of flight.

I like the use of lines used to create a shape of movement.

Kathleen Fabre Untouchable collection, interest me. The use of lines in a 3D container interest me with my 'flight of the mind' project, showing how movements can be shown in 3D form

The graphics used on the north TransPennine Train timetable, reminded me of the movement of thoughts and feelings.

I like the use of editing in this piece, that give the picture a modern feel, containing the idea of movement and discovery.

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