Thursday, 5 May 2011

Final Year Review

Final Year Review
Throughout my first year on interactive arts, I feel my art practise has developed, due to a variety of different experiences.
One to one reviews have been very useful in helping with the development of my work. Receiving regular assessments of my, has allowed me to find out whether my work is going in the right direction, and whether it is in a high enough quality. The reviews have also help decide possible ideas for future projects.
Through group tutorials and cross course crits, I have been able to gain experience in presenting my work, through first-hand experience and through observing other people presenting. A main advantage from group reviews is gaining suggestions from other class mates for future projects. This has allowed me to keep my project fresh, by constantly having new ideas to adapt it from. The reviews have also given me an insight into what parts of my project people feel is and suggestions of things that can be improved.
Table top reviews have also allowed me to see what other people on my course have been producing, allowing each of us to bounce ideas off each other.
Another thing I have benefited greatly from is my artist’s blog. The use of blogging has been a great source of developing research, allowing me to monitor the development of my work. The use of storing information has helped me with the development of my work, through the ease of being able to revisit possible sources of inspiration for future projects. The research has also allowed me to identify possible themes within my work a research. Also being able to record my work on my blog, has allowed me to easily observe my development through my work, which I think has greatly helped my project.
Talks from artist and art groups, have been great insights into what can be expected from future employers. Looking at how to present work and what is need to make a good portfolio.  It has also shown me what types of work are available and what route you can go through to start your career
Group projects have helped me develop skills with prioritising work, and allocating jobs, group work my group managed to overcome problems by carefully planning and thinking through other options.
Another group project I have been part of is joining an art collective. Some fellow artist from university and I have decided to create an art collective in order to produce some exhibitions outside of the university. The experience of creating a collective has allowed me to understand what is expected in creating an exhibition. We have gone through various stages with developing the group from choosing a name, creating a statement for the audience in order to portray the right image for our group. We have also started planning our first exhibition. Previously before this we had secured a gallery space and decided on a theme, of a piece of work associated with the colour red. We had to submit a proposal in order for us to get selected, and luckily I was chosen. From this I learned, what is needed in a proposal, and having to work to a deadline
I have recently started going to some networking events, which have given a good insight into ways to get work and create projects with other artists.

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