Thursday, 5 May 2011

Glass Frames

For a sculpture idea I decided to experiment with  sheets of plastic

For this piece I got a sheet off pastic and smashed it into piece. I used one of the bigger chunks of plastic for the base. Then i drew an outline of a heart on the middle section of the plastic piece, I used a glue gun to stick small pieces of plastic on the glass, around to ouline of the heart.

I later filled a icing bag with red paint, cutting a small hole in the tip, then drew lines onto the object with the paint

After making the heart piece, I decided to try and make a castle like shape.
After it had dried, I filled a icing bag with blue, silver and white paint, drawing lines, at a fast pace

Later when filming I started exploring the shadows that the objects created, taking pictures from various angles, I later edited the pictures, inverting the colour and exploring different effects

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