Monday, 25 October 2010

Film Project

For a group project, we each got put into groups of five and got given a movie title, which we had to use to creat a 'Sueded Film', which is a short recreation of a film. We had to recreate a three minute verison, that highlights the key moments throughout the film. Which we then had to present two days later.

The Film My Group was given was "Avatar"

To start off, we decided to watch the film then pick out key factors of the film, which we would then later condense down into three minutes. For this we came up with:
  • The starting scene of the film where the main character 'Jake', describes how he became paralyised whilst in the army
  • Jake Meets the army guy,who discusses the mission to go to Pandora (where the avatars live) in order to get the rare rock that inhabits the island that is worth 50 million a kilogram
  • Jake meets head army guy, who bribes Jake to go to Pandora, in exchange for spinal surgery, to give back the use of his legs
  • Eye sequence where Jake turns into an Avatar
  • Flying spaceships scenes
  • Jake meets girl Avatar
  • Jake falls in love with girl Avatar
  • Tree gets knocked down
  • Girl Avatar finds out about Jakes deal with the army and feels betrayed
  • Jake defends and fights for Avatar
  • The End
After this we decided to allocate the roles of the key characters to each other

Jake : David (aka me)
Army Guy : Karol
Jakes Avatar : David (aka me)
Female Avatar : Beth
Female Doctor/ Scientists : Philippa
Male Scientists : Jack
We Then looked into what props we would need, what characters and what set.

For this we split our team up, we came up with:

The idea of filming most of our scenes either in office blocks at the uni, that would be used for the army head quarters scene, and the local park for the outdoor scenes.

For the props, we decided to use cut outs of some of the characters from the film, toy animals to be used for the outdoor scenes and a space ship to represent the helicopters.

For the costumes, we each tried to pick clothes that were similar to our characters, then for the avatar clothes, we bought some blue face/body paint, and used some cloth to create wrist/armbands, and loin clothes.

I think the Sueded film project was succesful on the whole, due to the fact that my group allocated jobs fairly, used our time resourcefully and generally enjoyed the project and tried to have fun making it.

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