Monday, 21 March 2011

lighting design

Fluxus Lighting Installation

lighting display

Fluxus detail

light fixtures

Commercial Lighting Design

Night Night Lamp

Designed by Vanessa Hordies, the Night Night Lamp is a great lighting idea for your bedroom. Shaped like a hourglass, and containing actual sand, the Night Night Lamp will switch itself off after 15 minutes. During that time the sand will actually cover the light source of the lamp and slowly set you in the mood for sleeping as the whole room gets darker and darker

Kinema Pendant Luminaire Comes with Just the Right Amount of Light

The Kinema Pendant Luminaire, designed by Stuart Fingerhut, is a new lighting solution that will let you control the amount of light that floods the room from up above in order to suit your mood and your needs. The Kinema Pendant Luminaire comes with a bunch of rings, which can be individually flipped in order to achieve that perfect light concentration in the room

Light Ring Inspired by Tron
TRON Ring Lamp

Ring Lamp By   Loris Bottello

Bloom Table Lamp Comes To Life at Your Command
Bloom Table Lamp 1.jpg

The top of the lamp is a collapsible shell, that blossoms, like a flower, made out of polyamide that will let you control the amount of light.

Bloom Table Lamp 2.jpg

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