Monday, 18 April 2011

Review of Work so Far

At the Start of my first year on interactive, i started with two projects, 
Ludwig Wittgenstein's 'Flight project', for this i started exploring the idea of thoughts being seen as flights, so came up with the idea of 'Flight Through the Mind.' for this i started looking at drawing shapes that could represent the idea of thoughts.

For my personal project, i started looking into producing a music video, as this was something i had been interested in from the start. I started by researching various camera angles and recording techniques, and then went into looking at how to draw storyboards.

After i came up with an idea my tutor during a review told me to experiment with recording various things based on my flight project. For this i started experimenting with various light forms in the bath, from Sparklers to underwater lights.

This part of my project had a big influence on my later work.

After various experiments with light sources in videos, i decide that i wanted to put the music ideas to a side and start looking at ways of presenting light in different.

I started sketching various ideas of structures that could go around lights

After the feedback from my Cross Course Crit review, i decided to make my pieces more personal, concentrating on showing the lights as feelings on their own.

I produced more sketches then made and photographed my model pieces i made.

After a while i began to struggle with new ideas, so decided to go an visit an art gallery for inspiration. Whilst at Manchester Art Gallery in the shop area, my friend found a book by an artist called Arne Quinze, who produces large scale, futuristic structures.

Since finding the book, my project took a U-turn, as I began to focus on creating various structures based on his work.

At the same time, people in my class decided to try and create an exhibition in a gallery of our own work. For this we had to create a brief, based on the word 'Red.' For my idea i planned to produce a piece of artwork based on the idea of emotion. As red is associated with passion, energy and desire, I wanted to create an installation piece that encompasses the idea of feelings and thoughts.

For my proposal I intended on making a 3d installation piece, which is similar to Arne Quinze style, showing smooth curves, contrasting with sharp cubic angles that represent discovery.
As I am interested in the effects of lights, from the use of shadows and exposure i wanted my piece to contain lights, which would create shadows off the object, which would be projected onto the walls, again using the idea of realisation.
i wanted the piece to be in several shades of red, ranging from opaque to solid shades, made out of various types of plastic, depending on the different parts of the structure, the capability of the plastic and final finish.

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