Monday, 25 April 2011

Light Structures - Computerised

A couple of months ago, for my light project (where i was looking at producing lights that signify peoples discovery or fears) i began drawing ideas for light pieces, this later lead my project into 3D structures

Recently I have been editing drawings of sculpture ideas into computerised drawings.

Below is a collection of previous light pieces turned into computerised drawings.

For this piece i wanted to make the middle piece the focus point (the discovery), aiming for this to be the light source. I wanted the outside pieces to seem as though they are surrounding the light. The middle piece would be removeable, to show how the person discovering their discovery would be able to pick the light source up.

This piece was aimed to represent how the light is surrounded by obstacles that (the person) would have to over come to be freed

This shape was based on a fold piece of acetate made into a star shape. I wanted it to represent the idea of a stream of consciousness.

This piece was based on a shape that could be used to represent somebodies soul, i want the piece to have a vague similarity to a human bodies shape

This was and idea of a light source that would be suspended in water/ ice

This piece is designed to be based on the idea of the fear of death. The spinal chord will contain the light source, with the ribs circling around it (hopefully creating interesting shadows)

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